DDOT Transportation Research and Program Management Consortium

May 01, 2015

The District Department of Transportation (DDOT) manages and maintains transportation infrastructure within the District of Columbia. DDOT is responsible for the planning, design, construction, maintenance and operation of the District's 1,100 miles streets, 453 miles of alleys, 1,600 miles of sidewalks, 229 bridges, over 2,000 traffic signals and street lights. DDOT also manages and maintains the District’s 144,000 street trees. The agency also coordinates the District’s mass transit services with the regional transit operators and operates its own services - Circulator bus service, Capital Bikeshare, and the DC Streetcar. 

DDOT’s Research, Development, and Technology Transfer Branch Strategic Plan recognized the vital contribution that research makes to the efficient and effective delivery of transportation services to the community. Accordingly, the main objective of the DDOT Research Program is to support the broad mission of DDOT, which is to enhance the quality of life for the District residents and visitors by ensuring that people, goods, and information move efficiently and safely, with minimal adverse impacts on residents and the environment. As Howard Howard University leads the effort to manage the DDOT Research Program, several universities are involved in performing the corresponding research tasks. The George Washington University, under the lead of Professor Samer H. Hamdar, is mainly involved in tasks related to “transportation systems operations and management”, “intelligent transportation systems” and “technology and data”. Special focus is on vulnerable travelers given the higher than average fatality and injury rates for pedestrians and bicyclists in the Washington DC Metropolitan Area (compared to other locations in the USA).

Principal Investigator: Samer H. Hamdar (GWU PI; GWU is a subcontractor – among other universities - to Howard University, the consortium leader under the direction of Stephen Arhin)

Sponsor: District of Columbia Department of Transportation (DDOT)

Period: May 2015 – April 2020