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Driving Simulation

The Transportation Engineering program at SEAS has a Driving Simulators Laboratory located at the George Washington University Virginia Science and Technology Campus (VSTC). The corresponding equipment is located at Exploration Hall.

The Laboratory houses two driving simulators: a Car-Driving Simulator and a Truck-Driving Simulator.

Car-Driving Simulator (CDS)

The state-of-the-art Car-Driving Simulator is used to conduct vital vehicle and driving behavior research. This simulator allows CISR to perform driving experiments in a safe and controlled laboratory setting. Download the technical specifications for the simulator.

Car-Driving Simulator Layout

Our full-featured Car-Driving Simulator is able to provide a life-like driving experience. The visual display is a curved screen with 135-degree wide-angle field of view. In addition, auditory feedback is provided through stereo components. The steering wheel produces an authentic feeling of road grip through a generated counter torque. A validated vehicle dynamics program governs the behavior of the vehicles in the simulation.

The Car-Driving Simulator performs comprehensive data collection, including eye-tracking data. The data includes the complete vehicle dynamics, as well as the steering angle, throttle position, and brake position. In addition, an eye-tracking system provides accurate measurement of the driver’s focal point of attention, pupil size, blink rate, and the time that eyes stay shut during blinks.

Truck-Driving Simulator (TDS)

In a project supported by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), CISR developed a Truck-Driving Simulator for driver behavioral studies. A partnership was established between CISR and the Modeling, Simulation and Driving Simulators (MSIS) research unit of the French National Institute for Transport and Safety Research (INRETS). This laboratory has enabled CISR to perform driving experiments in a safe and controlled laboratory setting. Download technical specifications for the simulator.

Truck-Driving Simulator Structure