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Mobile Robotics

A Sample “Robo-Car” Constructed by CISR


The Mobile Robotics Laboratory (MRL) aims at building “Robo-Cars” (RCs) that can: 1) detect their surrounding with high accuracy, 2) communicate with each other and with different “min-infrastructure” units, and 3) move in an autonomous manner. The movement of the RCs is based on different algorithms implemented and adapted by the Transportation Engineering team. MRL allows testing the feasibility of different vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) and vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) communication paradigms for future scaling and in-field testing. The RCs constructed by CISR are currently equipped with multiple components including: 1) a Raspberry Pi 2 processing unit, 2) Raspberry Pi Camera Boards, 3) Parallax Ultrasonic Sensors, 4) Logitech Cameras, 5) USB WiFi Adaptors, and 6) 5.0 Voltage Regulators.

It should be noted that the work currently performed in this laboratory is done in collaboration with the Smart Systems Laboratory under the direction of Professor Adam Wickenheiser.

The MRL is located on the George Washington University Foggy-Bottom Main Campus. The corresponding activities are performed in the Science and Engineering Hall.